‘Retro’ Is The New ‘New’

by Joey Crandall

I love the Red Sox 2016 spring training caps.

But I love all things retro.

I’ve watched with relative (and, now that I think about it, somewhat disturbing) glee in recent years as the Baltimore Orioles, Toronto Blue Jays, Milwaukee Brewers and even the Seattle Mariners and Philadelphia Phillies (on a somewhat part-time basis) reached backed to their 70s and 80s selves in developing a “fresh” look to their uniforms.


The Astros’ most recent change is a near masterpiece.

I think the Reds and Mets (racing stripes, anyone?) could be equally served by such an approach.

This was the MLB that I grew up with. Weird cartoon-y logos and big, fat stripes.


What I never pondered, though, was how cool the Red Sox would look with a similar shift until they donned their 1975 throwbacks last season.

Let me lead the charge in the effort of convincing the organization to add these to their regular cycle during the season.

Granted, the changes are subtle and few. Outside of the blue-billed red caps, and maybe a change to the socks (It’d be hard to imagine the athletes going for the pullover jerseys and multi-striped waistbands on a regular basis), it’s almost no change at all.

But a nice throwback just the same, and in line with what many in the league are doing.

The spring training caps are a good start. Here’s hoping (if wishfully so)  it’s a move toward things to come.


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