The Week In Sox: Feb. 27

When we take in Red Sox games, we do so over the radio (through the luxuries of MLB At-Bat Gameday Audio).

I don’t know why, but radio has always had a superior storytelling ability over television broadcast (a post on my favorite current broadcast teams to come later this spring).

You’re able to get things done without missing any key plays. You’re more productive since you aren’t constantly checking the screen to see what is happening.

It’s just my personal preference.

That in mind, Saturday’s in our household through the spring and summer are conducted to the soundtrack of Joe Castiglione’s voice.

With Spring Training contests about to start, that routine is just about ready to resume (also, as much as I’m really going to miss Dave O’Brien’s play-by-play, I’m glad he’ll still be around on the TV side when I watch the highlights later in the evening. Looking forward to getting acquainted with Tim Neverett as well).

Today, though, just to fill the gap in between, I took advantage of the “Classics” replay of Game 6 of the 2013 World Series on MLB At-Bat.

A few things the two years in between have dulled that I was happy to be reminded of:

    • How close that shot off Pedroia’s bat came to bending inside that left field foul pole in the first inning. All the optics were there for a Fisk-like classic moment – the body language down the first baseline, the game-changing potential, the reaction of the crowd.
    • Xander Bogaerts. So clutch, so strong. It was just a preview of what we really got to see last season, but boy was he impressive on such a big stage.
    • The anticipation when Shane Victorino stepped to the plate with two outs and the bases loaded in the fourth. When that ball left his bat, I thought the same as I had when I saw in real time in 2013 — it was gone. Even bouncing off the wall for a solid double, though – it was a perfect piece of clutch hitting, in a situation where everyone in the park expected it to happen.
    • That slide from Jonny Gomes. Victorino’s base-clearer really wasn’t a base-clearer with out Gomes’ effort and execution on that play. The throw was in time. The tag was well placed. Gomes created that third run. He was so fun to watch
  • How much of a dagger the home run from Stephen Drew to lead off the fourth inning proved to be. As much as Victorino’s hit was anticipated, this was so unexpected in light of the postseason Drew was having. So many pieces to that team that were ultimately so hard to bid farewell to.
  • The utter panic that set in when John Lackey convinced John Farrell to leave him in in the top of the seventh, and then proceeded to load the bases.
  • The moment of near collapse when Mike Napoli nearly booted the ground ball to first before tossing it to Junichi Tazawa to get out of the jam. That was the final blow. There was no coming back for St. Louis.

Good memories. Great Season. Hoping to see a return this year with a new, interesting cast of characters.

Now , if they can just get past Boston College and Northeastern on Monday.



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