The Week In Sox: March 5

On The Field

Honest question: Which sitcom will be cheesier? “Fuller House” or “David & David” starring David Ortiz and David Price? The line in TV Guide reads: “One is on his way out. The other is on his way in. Together, they’ll try to win a World Series … and raise a pet leopard.”

Boston went 2-1 (plus two exhibition wins over Boston College and Northeastern) and didn’t exhibit any overwhelming flaws in the first week of Grapefruit League play.  Eduardo Rodriguez injured his knee and the language around his status leaves the door open that he may not be available during spring training. Rusney Castillo played one game out of five and went 0-for-3. The club signed MLB veteran David Murphy to a minor league contract — he offers some intriguing options as a potential bench player if someone higher up on the depth chart isn’t ready to perform (i.e. Castillo, although the club denies the move has anything to do with that).

Tim Neverett made his WEEI debut. I loved Dave O’Brien (and am thrilled to get to continue to hear him on the TV broadcast), so Neverett will take a little getting used to. However, he is professional, knowledgable and personable over the radio waves. He also has an appreciation and understanding for the club and the city, having attended college at Emerson in Boston. I like him, and am looking forward to him being a part of the soundtrack to our spring and summer afternoons and evenings.

Stars of the week: Jackie Bradley Jr. (1.000 avg., 1 HR, 1 RBI); Hanley Ramirez (12 innings played, 0 errors, .333 BA); Henry Owens (2 IP, 5K, 0.00 ERA); Pablo Sandoval (The guy is really putting out an effort defensively) .

2,912 Miles Away From Fenway

I spent the first part of the week moving into a new office for my real job. I spent the last part recovering from the first part. Hard lesson: I’m no longer in my 20s. My back is trying real hard to make the case I don’t deserve to be in my 30s anymore either.

Today,  the kids and I are going to be cleaning up some straggling leaves left over from the fall and getting things organized in the garage for a yard sale. It’s supposed to snow tonight, Sunday and Monday. We’ve got Tim and Joe and the WEEI team on the radio (or iPhone, as it were) and were happy to see Mookie Betts open things up against the Yankees with a triple (that would have been a double for most everyone else). Excited for another look at Steven Wright as well.

Up Next Week

Monday begins my annual viewing of Ken Burns’ Baseball — to me the best survey of the history of the game one could expect to find. But that’s hardly a unique opinion. At some point during spring training — this is going back six or seven years now — I’ll watch one “inning” per night. It’s a grand, complex story that never gets old. Plus, an enormous portion of the 23 hours is spent either on the Red Sox or on the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry. There are particularly great segments on Ted Williams, the 1975 World Series and in the recent “10th inning” the 2003 ALCS and the 2004 World Series. Looking forward to this year’s viewing. I notice something new in each episode every year.

The Red Sox get dance around the AL East over the next seven days, with games at the Pirates and at home against the Twins sandwiched in the middle.


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