Sometimes, The Pitch Misses By Five Inches & It’s A Strike

Hey, it just didn’t break the Sox way. Right?

They got six runners on base against two of the very best — I mean two of the elite of the elite –relief pitchers in the game; they loaded the bases trailing by one run in the ninth, Andrew Miller dealt Ball No. 4, twice, to David Ortiz and somehow, aided by horrendously poor calls behind the plate,  Ortiz struck out.

It was a game in which Boston outhit the Yankees by more than 2-to-1 and left 19 — NINETEEN — runners on base.

This is what happens with teams that load up on the Sabermetrically-gifted athletes.

Sometimes the percentages just don’t work out.

Everything in Friday night’s box score — save for the inning linescore — would suggest Boston won the game walking away. Rick Porcello wasn’t at his best, or even on his game, but he pitched well enough to win.

The bottom of the lineup went 7-for-15, but came away with no runs and no RBIs to show for it.

Tommy Layne, in his first appearance in 10 days, actually had a great showing against heart of the Yankees lineup.

There was a lot to like Friday night. Except for the end result. Which is what makes Saturday an incredibly important game. Sunday too, for that matter.

Will Boston allow an unlucky break (or unlucky series of breaks) to steal away a weekend series? Or will they bounce back with resolve and grab the series win?

The percentages suggest the latter.

How reality and percentages line up, though, is a question only the next 48 hours can answer.


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