Working Theories On Sports

The things I think about sports – subject to change over time or on a whim. These will be confirmed or retracted with “proofs” as they present themselves over time.

West Of Fenway Working Theories

Working Theory No. 1: Win The Offseason, Lose The Regular Season

Working Theory No 2.: “… But We Led The Country In Everything …”, or, “How Relative Stats Are More Important Than Stat Rankings”

Working Theory No. 3: You won’t win the national title, but at least you’ll look “hip” while you’re losing it, or, “Flashy Football Uniforms Attract Flashy Recruits, But What About Substance?”

Working Theory No. 4: College scholarships don’t actually exist, or, “How Club Sports Are Destroying Sports.”

Working Theory No. 5: Counting is easy. Measuring value is hard.

Working Theory No. 6: Get The Ace, Lose The Race

Working Theory No. 7: Change Is Lazy